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Realising this issue, CSP planned to create a comprehensive support program to complement the Metabical pill. A direct mail campaign will also be targeted towards doctors, and functional benefits of Metabical will be illustrated through an information card and a reply card offering a sample of the support program.

Print estimated that Metabolic will only be able to reach 0. Given the position strategy you chose, what would be your communications strategy to eachof your target audiences.

Attracting health care professionals is extremely important and therefore the initial budget allocated to this segment e.

In addition, the support program would teach lifestyle skills for healthy weight maintenance after the initial weight loss was achieved. Even though the twelve-week supply will enable the customers to complete the twelve-week cycle in 3 months in a row but it will limit the potential customers only to those who can afford the entire medication program with one-time pay.

Printup is trying to persuade those plans to include their product after the first six months of sale. We anticipate that other demographics will also purchase the product and this is a major consideration in the ensuing years in what the final evolution of the product will be. Evaluation of alternatives Here the consumers compare the advantages and disadvantages of using Metabical to the competitive products.

Segmentation by age illustrates that middle-aged and older individuals are more likely to think about their health and weight issues. What would the timeline for your communications plan look like. What is the decision making process for Metabical. It can also be triggered by external media sources such as TV, Outdoor, Radio or Magazine advertisements whereby a variety different visuals, articles, messages can lead to consumer awareness that there is a problem, and a need, that must be satisfied.

All of these initiatives will help to ensure that post purchase compliance i. These criteria make our segmented market measurable, meaningful, and marketable which in turns makes it a viable segment.

Customers of OTC weight loss drugs have stirred to other choices such as diet and exercise plans due to safety concerns concerning OTC weight loss drugs. This approach was a good indicator of which consumers were generally interested in trying a new weight-loss drug. The problem with this approach, however, is its ambiguity.

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This gives an estimated number of 0. Thus, based on Market Survey and Market research finding we come up with demand forecast as per Table 4 below: The major issue that Print needs to consider is the number of pills that would be included in each pack.

The current weight-loss options did not capitalize on such market so Metabical had a good opportunity to excel in. One pill per day Average course treatment lasting12 weeks Combination of Calosera and meditanan created dramatic effect for weight loss.

Considering the fact that each individual would be buying 3 packs of Metabolic, the sales estimate for the first year would range from 1.

Who is the optimal target consumer. It would be better to divide the package into three parts with each package consisting of 30 pills enough for a month. This meant that only individuals with BMI of over 30 who were prescribed weight-loss drugs were using appetite suppressants and fat-absorbing blockers.

It allows Metabical to get closely as possible to its target market without restricting itself too specifically to the ideal consumer.

Metabical Essay Sample

Women who are ages have money to purchase weight loss products and will spend money for a prescription. Printup would decide the marketing and public relation strategies to push the drug in the market. Barbara Printup used three different approaches to forecast demand of sales for Metabical.

However, setting the price too high would not be a good idea because exhibit 1 tells us that the buyers of this drug would most likely have lesser income. What pricing strategy approaches would you suggest Printup explore.

These clarifies that women are the most likely gender to purchase Metabical. Metabical Case Section B Group4 Essay Words | 5 Pages Metabical Case: Pricing, Packaging and Demand Forecasting Case Brief Demand Forecasting Packaging and Count Decision Pricing Strategy Introduction of new weight loss drugMetabical What is the expected demand?

metabical Essay  METABICAL Problem Statement Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CPS) wishes to determine the best possible target market in order to launch Metabical, the new weight-loss prescription drug that’s stipulated to be included in their portfolio. Metabical: Case Analysis Barbara Print, senior director of marketing for SSP, needs to analyze the market radically in order to decide the pricing and packaging strategy and forecast the demand for the product before it is launched.

Metabical, on the other hand, was a dual layer, controlled release formulation. It acted as an appetite suppressant and also had a fat blocker and calorie absorption agent. The over-all product was far superior in achieving weight-loss, over its competitors, for over weight indiciduals but not for obese and severely obsess individuals.

Metabical (Case study) Case Facts • Metabical is a prescription drug produced by Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) for weight loss. • It was the first and only prescription drug to obtain FDA approval for weight loss (overweight category) drug.

Free Essay: METABICAL CASE STUDY REPORT INTRODUCTION Excess weight had become a big crisis in the US, affecting about 65% of the adult population leading to.

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